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Linkage on 2006-07-03

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Thunderstorms halt shuttle launch again
Next try: Independence day?
(tags: news science space)

Half of global car exhaust produced by US vehicles
An average mpg of under 20?! That makes our Civic’s 35 mpg look so good, just imagine if we had actually bought a hybrid. Maybe next time?
(tags: news technology)

Mother tongue may determine maths skills
The size of the study (12 + 12 students) isn’t very impressive, but the results make some sense. The comments about English apply to other European languages (that I know) as well, with respect to 11 being a single word instead of 10 + 1, etc.
(tags: education news science)

Crack found in foam on shuttle fuel tank
I am looking forward to an era where going up in space is as routine as people getting in cars, on trains, planes, etc. It must be hell to work for NASA right now and everybody watching your every move. They should charge extra just for that. 😉
(tags: news science software)

Floating bed demoed in Amsterdam
On a magnetic field, at that, but not quite ready for practical use, I think.
(tags: news technology)

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