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Linkage on 2006-07-01

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Space shuttle launch called off
They’ll try again tomorrow. Cross your fingers, because the longer this gets delayed, the worse it gets.
(tags: news science space)

After 250 years, France falls for Marie Antoinette
France misses having a royal family, it would seem. Something to look up to… or at least to be distracted by them.
(tags: france history news)

Found: ‘Non-contactable’ witnesses who could free a Guantánamo detainee
“The three living witnesses he requested were easily located with a telephone, an internet connection and a few days’ work.”
(tags: bush guantanamo news politics)

‘Sugar plastic’ could reduce reliance on petroleum
One more potential good use for corn, unlike the (high fructose) corn syrup that seems to be in every-freaking-thing.
(tags: news science)

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