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Hello 2.0(.3)

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And hello Default Theme!

I made one minor tweak in how I name and display the static pages and that’s it for now. The Spam Karma and Acronym plugins have been reinstalled (of course) and one or two others that are only used internally. The rest will follow later, as will things like a theme that’s more to my liking. No offense to the creator of the default theme, but it’s not what I had in mind for my homepage/blog. 🙂

Update: Fixed the year/month archive layout in the sidebar. Got the babbelstats and spam statistics to work again.

Update 2: Added Gravatars back in.


  • Add nested comments back in.
  • Find a suitable theme to hack.
  • Fix the klasgenoten-ssg pages.
  • Make sure the .htaccess file contains all the backward compatible redirects that I had for 1.5
  • Get used to the 2.0 post editor, or switch back to raw editing like I did for nl.is-here.com
  • Check what other plugsin I might be missing still.

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