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Some seriously cool tech (DailyTech.com) from Fujitsu, a 8TB RAID that fits into a PC tower case and consists of 50 (!) 2.5″ sized 200GB harddisks. Zikes.

At last! Google has released a free OS X version of its SketchUp software. I’m not entirely clear yet on whether 10.4 is required or that I can get away with the 10.3.9 that I run here… Ah, the included readme.rtf says:

Mac OS® 10.3 (Panther) or higher

The installer doesn’t do the usual sudo stuff though, so you need to actuall switch to an admin user to install it. A bit a-typical, in my experience, but I’ll do that later today.

The most ridiculous Football World Cup reporting you’ve ever seen… in ASCII!

$ telnet ascii-wm.net 2006
Connected to dedhost-075.sil.at.
Escape character is ‘^]’.
too many connections 🙂 .. try later
Connection closed by foreign host.

Unfortunately it seems a bit too busy right now.

Researchers find that coffee defends the liver against booze (The Register):

Researchers have confirmed drinking coffee can protect against one of the worst effects of alcohol. Alcoholic liver cirrhosis progressively scars the organ, and is known to be affected by a range of factors including smoking, diet, infection and genetics – as well as alcohol.

I think I’ll go get myself another cup, then.

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