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I don’t laugh out loud very often when reading something amusing at my computer or so, but this was funny enough (or I’m too easily amused) that it got to me: I just finished listening to episode 197 of Coverville, 50 minutes of Queen covers, when iTunes cross-faded into the next (random) track… Queen with Princes of the Universe from the A kind of magic album.

I’m very happy I wasn’t drinking anything at that time, it would literally have been spit on my monitor and keyboard, I fear. 🙂

Small world

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The idiot teenagers that saw their plans thwarted because someone relayed rumours about them to a friend via MySpace were a lot closer than was made clear from the initial reporting. You see, Cherokee county is the one south of where I live. Hrm. Or to put it differently, M‘s mother has a colleague whose son is the same class/grade as some (if not all) of those kids.

Hardware sucks

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If it isn’t harddisks failing left and right and even RAID-5 setups with spare HDs failing without chance of recovering, then it’s a network cable (that brings the T1 to work’s collection of servers) that goes bad or whatever PacBell/SBC/AT&T chose to call it.

Aaaaargh!! I’m so glad that week is over.


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This afternoon I dropped M off at the airport to go to Chicago for a week for some company training, so it’s just the boys and me right now. That’s probably the longest stretch of single-parenthood since I married her, but as I’ve taken charge in a lot of things around the house in the past 8 months or so I don’t expect it to be a problem, days will mostly be business as usual until around 6-7pm, where it’ll be more obvious she won’t be there in the evening. 😉

I suspect I’ll get a bit more geek-time in than usual!

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