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That sucked (2)

Filed under: Humo(u)r,Projects,Technology — Erwin @ 6:13 pm

Is something going screwy with companies using FedEx this week? I’d been checking the Maxtor website to see if the replacement for my to-be-RMA’d HD was on its way yet and on last check (somewhere yesterday) it was still being prepared for shipping or something along those lines. You can imagine my surprise when I found a little package on the front porch this morning with that same replacement HD in it! A pleasant additional surprise was that it was a 250GB version to replace my faulty 200GB disk. No complaints here about that, though. 🙂

Another thing going lopsided was a wireless card I’d ordered this weekend, which (also unexpectedly) showed up yesterday morning but for which the website at that point still claimed the item had been sent to the warehouse and no tracking number was available. This afternoon I received a kind automated email saying that the item had been shipped and would be on its way now. Yay! Does that mean I get another one? Nope, upon checking the website the FedEx tracking number turns out to be that one that arrived yesterday. Oh well…

You can now go back to your regularly scheduled time-traveling, folks.

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