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That sucked

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The harddisk on which we store(d) our MythTV recordings plus some that pre-date our use of MythTV died this morning. Big oops!

Sure, it had been on my longer-term TODO list to put a RAID-1 in place so that it would better resist hardware failure of this sort, but I have been running low on Round Tuits ™ so that had not happened yet. Ahem.

Thankfully it keeps its program/recording information in a MySQL database that lives on a different harddisk, so after redirecting the appropriate folders to a different location (temporarily, honest) where I have a little diskspace available, and manually marking all the AWOL recordings as gone, it cheerfully resumed picking up shows again.

I do maintain backups, mind you, of the home-directories, work-stations, website contents, and a few other things, but these recordings involve a lot of data and didn’t fit into the existing backup system.

Partially related is that earlier this week M pointed out that the Lost episodes of the past two weeks were actually new, not re-runs, so on Wednesday evening we sat down and caught up, then last night we watched the most recent episode from the previous evening. Lucky us, obviously!

Consider this a friendly reminder to keep good backups around. 😉

Update: Replacement HDs have been ordered and are on their way. The failing HD will be RMA’d.

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