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My space, your space (2)

Filed under: General — Erwin @ 6:37 pm
  • Not so good is that every other profile page has music embedded and initially I couldn’t seem to convince the myspace account settings that I really don’t want those to automatically play. Ugh!
  • Not so good is that the profile pages are a throw-back to webpages of 5-10 years ago, but with double the (browser lagging) content.
  • Good is that MySpace appears to make an effort to prevent spamming. I can’t write in (group) forums yet for instance, because my account is less than a week old.
  • Not so good (from my perspective) is that it encourages ugly hacks to get customized CSS in place, instead of just giving in and providing a single look’n’feel entry for the experts to play with. What happens now is that you can enter HTML/DHTML/CSS bits in other fields and users dump it there so it’s loaded halfway the page instead of at the beginning. Ugh.
  • Good is that MySpace has a private profile option for the younger kids.

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