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Addiction Alert

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The people over at Pandora may have a winner on their hands, assuming they can keep enough paying accounts and advertising to pay for royalties, bandwidth and hardware.

Had dinner yet?

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Jaws, like you’ve never seen it before. 🙂

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Memory Flash Tape
I might just get one of these USB flash thingies for the retro value of it all.

Also interesting (but no more than that, due to the missing and inaccurate information) is this mashup of Google maps and host lat/lon information. It seems to think that a machine in the Netherlands is located in Denmark (I’m 100% certain it isn’t), for instance. 🙂

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Linkage (36)

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  • Oops! An amusing list of useful mistakes (Wired).
  • An interesting write-up about the (in)famous Pirate Bay (also Wired) bittorrent site.
  • Zits is nicely on-target today:Zits - 2006/03/15

In entirely different news, I’ve been busy reducing my news (RSS/Atom) feeds and podcast feeds. The result is that I can now actually ‘catch up’ on the newsfeeds in the morning and it won’t be time for lunch already, so to speak, and with respect to the podcasts I’m no longer listening to news updates from a month ago or worse. 😉


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