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BOINC! (2)

Filed under: Projects,Software — Erwin @ 1:47 pm

Around September last year I more or less dropped out of the BOINC rat-race, turning off the idle-cpu-using processes on my servers because in spite of its intentions of not getting in the way of real work on there, they were affecting them anyway.

I’ve finally gotten around to restarting, making a fresh start on the two servers that I had previously used, and adding a third, but this time around I’ve configured it to use one CPU at the most, on these dual-cpu machines. Hopefully that’ll take care of the original problem while still contributing a fair amount of CPU time.

If you’re an (ex-)Igor-player and wouldn’t mind contributing some CPU time as well, follow the links on my BOINC page to find out how to get started on that. 🙂

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