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Spring cleaning, internet style

Filed under: General,Software — Erwin @ 10:22 pm

Finally deleted my Friendster profile, since it had been collecting dust for at least two years and all I was getting was the occasional nudge email from the site itself.

Then I wandered over to Orkut, which I had recently unlocked by finally associating my Orkut account with one of my Gmail accounts, actually intending to do the same thing there. Instead, I ended up updating my profile a little bit and weeding out the list of communities, deleting the ones that are either overrun by the Brazilian crowd (which now accounts for about 73% of the population, the US is a measly 11%) or haven’t had any English-language activity in a year or so. That made the list a bit more manageable and increases the likelyhood of me occasionally dropping by to see if anything interesting has happened.

Meanwhile over at the DGD Twiki there was another flood of bot-registrations to clean up. Must really get around to it to install a captcha of sorts in its registration process, to slow them down for a while!

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