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BOINC! (2)

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Around September last year I more or less dropped out of the BOINC rat-race, turning off the idle-cpu-using processes on my servers because in spite of its intentions of not getting in the way of real work on there, they were affecting them anyway.

I’ve finally gotten around to restarting, making a fresh start on the two servers that I had previously used, and adding a third, but this time around I’ve configured it to use one CPU at the most, on these dual-cpu machines. Hopefully that’ll take care of the original problem while still contributing a fair amount of CPU time.

If you’re an (ex-)Igor-player and wouldn’t mind contributing some CPU time as well, follow the links on my BOINC page to find out how to get started on that. 🙂


For politicians!

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Well look at that, this device (New Scientist) that can pick up on whether the person you’re talking to is (starting to get) bored or annoyed. The actual target audience is people with autism (or anyone in the autistic spectrum, I’d assume). 🙂

Linkage (38)

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Apple’s heroes and villains, courtesy of Wired. It reminds me that there’s still a lot I don’t know about Apple or its history. But then again, the company is now 30 years old, so it’s a bit difficult to catch up on all of it.

An experimental mashup of Pandora and Last.fm. I briefly tried and abandoned Last.fm (under its previous name, if I recall correctly), but others may certainly enjoy this combination.


You’re shitting me?

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Honestly, this can’t be for real?


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Would you like to have secret doorways and such in your ideal house? It’s not even that expensive. 😉

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Spring cleaning, internet style

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Finally deleted my Friendster profile, since it had been collecting dust for at least two years and all I was getting was the occasional nudge email from the site itself.

Then I wandered over to Orkut, which I had recently unlocked by finally associating my Orkut account with one of my Gmail accounts, actually intending to do the same thing there. Instead, I ended up updating my profile a little bit and weeding out the list of communities, deleting the ones that are either overrun by the Brazilian crowd (which now accounts for about 73% of the population, the US is a measly 11%) or haven’t had any English-language activity in a year or so. That made the list a bit more manageable and increases the likelyhood of me occasionally dropping by to see if anything interesting has happened.

Meanwhile over at the DGD Twiki there was another flood of bot-registrations to clean up. Must really get around to it to install a captcha of sorts in its registration process, to slow them down for a while!


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Sheesh, someone forgot to configure their spam-software, seeing as my whitelist block rejected the following recipients:

  • {%fromname%}12jbcgd@cloud9.net
  • {%FROMNAME%}02gu@charter.com
  • {%FROMNAME%}52jyff@shawfest.com
  • {%FROMNAME%}85gppyk@verizon.com

Dumb and dumber, eh.



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Always fun, I redid the spam statistics page, almost entirely rewriting how I generate the actual graphs and just generally making it look a bit more appealing (I hope). It’s hard to believe I’ve been using this whitelist spam-blocking approach for nearly 3 years now. Just imagine how many spams I didn’t have to deal with that way, ouch!


Living on the edge?

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I’m going to take it slow here, but for people who don’t mind crashing and burning on not-quite-finished software I would like to point out the (apparently very unofficial) Firefox 2.0 alpha release. Links to installation packages can be found at Ars Technica and TechCrunch.

Update: It was apparently really not intended to be the alpha release. Awww, waiting for the real thing now.

!&$*#! comments

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Ok, that was the final straw!

There had occasionally been minor floods of spam-comments, like a dozen or so and then nothing or not much for days or weeks. Then in the past 24 hours there were over 150 of them! I’d like a game of poker as much as the next person but after all that comment-spam from these poker sites (I assume, given the keywords used) I’ll have a bad taste in my mouth next time I actually play.

So now I’ve gone and installed Spam Karma 2 and I get to sit back, cross my fingers, and find out how well that works for me and this site.

All the settings are pretty much default, which I assume are sufficiently sane, but I will of course keep an eye on the logs to make sure I’m not accidentally blocking legit comments when there are some, every few months. 😉

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