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Laptop fun

Filed under: Family,OS X,Software — Erwin @ 4:04 pm

Now that I’ve gotten myself settled on the new laptop, typically having a desktop open with a setup created by Ubuntu and an additional desktop with a VNC session to the MacMini, I’ve finally gotten around to installing OSXvnc on her MacMini, so now she can enjoy the same thin client experience that I had been for a while now.

I’m sure the view of both of us sitting there, one 10″ laptop and one 15″ laptop while often also watching some previously recorded show on MythTV, could be considered fairly amusing, but so be it. It works for us, and we’re getting a bit more value out of the wifi network while we’re at it. 😉

Reminder to self: Set up a VNC password file for M so it can go directly there instead of prompting her for one in ugly old X11 style (Athena widget, if I’m not mistaken).

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