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Let it snow

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Josh’s rant reminds me of how it amazes me every time again when after one night of snow they cancel schools for a snow day. You would think they would be better prepared, that they check the weather channel or some other vaguely sane forecast like other people.

Actually, so far we haven’t had one yet while the previous couple of years it’s happened after the first snow of the season and after that only if there is a lot of snow. It’s as if they needed that first snow to remind themselves “Oh, this is what it’s like, whoa” and then after that they can handle it again. You would almost think I live in Georgia or something. 🙂

My bad habit

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Every day I glance over my spam (email) folder, and occasionally one catches my eye:

… said the absorption nagasaki resignedly that of course he gave up altogether
when has he can look at me out of his two eyes
Is he indeed said Mr Petillion
rest them for a moment with a thoughtful frown upon the caramel or his wife or both

Almost Zen, wouldn’t you say?

Yes, I know these are just their feeble attempts to get around people’s (Bayesian) filters, and it clearly doesn’t work because the filters just adapt. Thank $deity for that technology and thank Paul Graham for pointing it out to the masses. It seems like ages ago but it’s only been 3 years, sheesh.

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