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Thunderbird wishlist

Filed under: Software — Erwin @ 11:47 pm

I would like to see an extension or other type of hack that would kindly show me the sum of the unread messages in a folder with sub-folders, especially when I have it collapsed so I can keep a sane overview of what is or isn’t there.

You could say that the fact that I have too many folders may be symptomatic of some other problem, but I don’t think here and now is the right place or time to start from scratch. I did that once already this year and that’s enough for a while!

I did slightly rearrange my incoming folders. For my personal email I now have folders in these categories:

  • Personal – Email sent to me directly or not Cc’d to anything that would cause it to end up in the other folders.
  • Automated – Cron jobs, blog-reply notifications, CVS commit notifications, TWiki changes notifications, and a few others.
  • Lists – Mailinglists to which I’ve subscribed.
  • Groups – Family members, friends, etc.
  • Other crap
  • Archived email.

For work I have something similar:

  • Direct – Email that hasn’t been dropped into any other folders.
  • Automated – Cron jobs, TWiki notifications, etc.
  • Company Lists – Internal mailing lists.
  • Game Lists – Mailing lists for the various games.
  • Games – Email discussions about the games outside the already mentioned mailing lists.

I think this somewhat reflects the order in which I typically catch up on my email in the morning, and with that in mind I vaguely hope it’ll improve the time I spend on that (which will forever be more than I like, no matter how much I manage to cut down on it).

But anyway, if someone knows an answer for my wish, let me know!

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