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iTunes Signature (3)

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Oops. Ok, so on the one hand I like using relative URLs, with in the back of my mind the idea that it means you can just take the entire site and dump it somewhere else, and the links will still work. On the other hand that means that RSS/Atom feeds contain links that make no sense out of context.

So for those of you that read it that way, here’s the link to the iTunes Signature one more time, this time with an absolute URL.

Now that that’s taken care of, I think it would be nice if WordPress took care of fixing the links for me, but I can’t be bothered to see if there’s a nice plugin or hack I can apply. 🙂

The inevitable

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This was the part of kids-having-pets I was least looking forward to, so to speak.

Tonight around 9pm N‘s pet rat died. She had not touched any of this morning’s food and was moving unusually little all day. We had assured the boys that if she had not improved any by morning we would take her to the vet and find out what’s up, but now that won’t be necessary anymore, unfortunately.

It was N‘s first pet, so he’s not taking it so well. Sure, other pets have died but those belonged to grandparents (for instance) and that’s not quite the same. Hopefully he’ll feel a little better in the morning. 🙁

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