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When N (the oldest kid, now 9) got a pet-rat for his 8th birthday, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Over time I’ve gotten used to the idea though, which is probably a good thing since I see more of the rat throughout the day than anyone else living in this house.

Of course, since N got a pet, A more or less expected to get one for his 8th birthday as well. Crossing out most other options for practical reasons (maintenance, allergies, all that sort of fun) we decided that a second rat would be the most likely option.

Now, ignoring that two days before his birthday a friend of the family more or less hijacked our gift-idea and we had to make a last minute run to the store to find him a suitable gift from us, that means that as of a few days ago we now have two rats in this household, and I can’t poison them!

Unfortunately it would appear that in his enthusiasm A has completely forgotten what he’s learned in the past yar and a half about the treatment (gentle, you know) of pets, especially ones that are much much smaller than himself, so we’re currently faced with hitting the brakes fairly hard to bring him back down to earth when he’s swinging them around or otherwise treating them like ordinary toys. Hopefully that’ll be sooner rather than later, or someone (him or one of the rats) is going to get hurt.

Here’s hoping…

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