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It’s the stuff of dreams (New Scientist) coming true:

Aspiring rock gods can at last create their own guitar solos – without ever having to pick up a real instrument, thanks to a group of Finnish computer science students.

Actually a guitar is not really what I’m interested in, but I’d love an air drumset, if anyone wants to create one?

Apparently the FCC has changed its mind (Ars Technica) about à-la-carte cable:

In reexamining a report released last November, the FCC found that its analysis of the data was faulty and that individualized programming packages would be “in the best interests of consumers.”

I’m not holding my breath expecting this to actually happen within months now, but I’d definitely be interested if something like that would become available through our cable provider!

Yesterday the new Firefox was officially released (version 1.5) but I’m waiting until I can find a working version of SessionSaver, and collect updated versions for some of the other extensions that I use.

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