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Logitech MX3100

Filed under: OS X,Technology — Erwin @ 4:01 pm

A nice pair of gadgets, that it certainly is.


  • The option/command key-swap with uControl doesn’t seem to work for this keyboard. Unfortunately the development of that piece of software has stopped and the alternative software it points to is for Tiger (OS X 10.4.x only).
  • The included software only applies to various MS Windows versions, no OS X support available.
  • A side-effect of the previous point is that many of the extra keys are dead, for the time being.
  • The lack of software support is confirmed by the Logitech Control Center not detecting either one of the devices, let alone allow me to do anything useful with them.
  • The 2×3 layout of the home/end/delete/pageup/pagedown keys, whereas I prefer the 3×2 layout. I don’t think I’ll miss the Ins key there though (the Delete key is double height, instead), I only ever accidentally used it.
  • I had hoped (but didn’t research it, silly me) that the rechargeable mouse would be able to do its work on just USB power when available, but it only recharges if the additional adapter is plugged in.


  • Handy volume button
  • The scroll-wheel on the keyboard itself may come in handy as soon as I’ve gotten used to the idea of it being there.
  • Good looking design, quiet key response.
  • Rechargeable mouse
  • Batteries included (for the keyboard), always a nice touch.
  • USB Overdrive works very nicely and apparently allowed uControl to do its job again because now the option and command keys are swapped after all. A pity that I can’t make the extra mouse-button trigger command-tab, though.

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