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Can you hear me now?

Filed under: General — Erwin @ 10:56 pm

In the most recent Rolling Stone (edition December 1 , 2005) there’s an article about noise-induced hearing loss, caused by music. At the end there’s a list of 5 things you can do to take it easier on your ears. Number 5 surprised me a bit, though:

Quit Smoking: It doubles the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. “After a loud show, the way you get better is through blood supply to your inner-ear nerve cells,” says Chicago audiologist Michael Santucci. “If you do something cardiovascularly restrictive, like smoking, your blood supply won’t be as good. You’re being exposed to two toxins, the cardiovascular toxin and the noise toxin.”

Never would have thought of that and one more reason that I’m glad I don’t smoke. 🙂

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