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Quiet days ahead

Filed under: General,Software,Technology — Erwin @ 2:14 pm

On the one hand I expect the next 4-5 days to be quiet around here, given that today the kids are home at least part of the day and then tomorrow the real Thanksgiving fun begins. On the other hand I know I’ll sit down at my computer every chance I get, so I may write some short entries.

At the moment my biggest practical challenge will be to plow through the backlogged feeds of all sorts and emails from cron-jobs that wait for noone, least of all me. Come to think of it, add to that list several podcasts that have daily editions (from BBC and NPR, for instance).

MX3100On an entirely different note, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the 3 day UPS shipped Logitech MX3100 keyboard/mouse combo shows up this week still. It appears to be waiting in Iowa at the moment so once it starts moving it can’t take all that long…

After all the hype about AJAX I’ve finally been bitten by it, somewhat. Spent a good part of yesterday fiddling with the Google Maps API and combining that with some dynamic webpage building (using XML data that was loaded in the background). Pretty fun and I expect to be using it some more in the weeks to come.

So… if you’re in the US: Hope you enjoy your long Thanksgiving weekend, and for anyone else, have a good week(end) anyway. 😉

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