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Yesterday it was my turn, apparently.

Over the weekend A had emptied his stomach the hard way. On Wednesday N called to be picked up from school because of the same issue, so there went at least part of the afternoon. On Thursday morning we got a call from the after-school lady that she (and husband) were sick (yeah, same thing as the kids, how’d you guess), so I got to pick up the kids at 3pm, cutting my day short a bit. Finally Friday morning (in the 4am sense of the word) the honour was mine. Ugh. I’m usually the strong guy around here, but this seemed an unavoidable missile heading my way.

So in the past 24 hours I spent about 20 of it asleep or in bed at least, and of the 4 that I was out of bed I picked up the boys from school (because the after-school lady hadn’t recovered yet) and prepared dinner. A pity that I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I normally would.

Out of the 5 days then, 3 were partially or completely killed off by this, even if I wasn’t the one that was actually sick. Grrr. And of course next week there is going to be Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday and school has generously given them Wednesday off as well. Gee, thanks, I had nothing else to do anyway.

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