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And you thought you were doing yourself a favour by switching to decaf (New Scientist):

Decaffeinated coffee may have a harmful effect on the heart by increasing the levels of a specific cholesterol in the blood, researchers say. Their explanation is that caffeine-free coffee is often made from a type of bean with a higher fat content.

I’m never sure if I use the word right, but I think this could be called ironic. Of course at the end of the article someone else claims that this study was quite small and short-term and it is too soon to draw conclusions.

Bottomline seems to be that nothing is perfect, there’s usually a catch, and the best thing to do is to not use/drink/eat anything excessively! So I’ll stick to my two cups of coffee in the morning and not go back to habits from a previous job & life that involved a bit more throughout the day. 🙂

Passed on by Ranchero (Brent Simmons), a handy site collecting open source software for OS X. While not perfect, it’s a good start.

And last but not least a reminder how NOT to program, in any language (The Daily WTF):

label 8888,9998,9999;
const inpfl = ' input file: ';
mdkfil___ = 'mdco___.mdk';
alfn      = 'mdconvr.Ã '; { formerly .MFO, earlier .DAT }
n_mtrls = 5; n_parms = 12; n_midsp = 2; idfirst = -3;
n_strms = 3; sndf = 13; midf = 14;
idflast = 14; {n_parms+n_midsp;sndf=parameter sound/controller; midf=param MidiChannel}
n_prgs = 32; mx_mtrs = 6; mx_puls = 256; mx_scls = 6; mx_lyrs = 10;
mouse_accel = 0.9; mouse_start_wait = 50 { ticks @ 5ms = 250ms }

<...skip lots of similar lines...>

i8p         : array[1..n_strms,1..mx_puls] of integer;     {attenuation bezogen}
attfac1     : array[0..maxP1,0..mx_puls] of real;
attfac2     : array[0..maxP1,0..b7] of real;
ostfnt      : array[0..1,1..18] of integer; { 18 = ost_bx[n].H (q.v.) }
kdamH       : array[1..24] of integer;

Go see for yourself, or avoid the headache and write readable programs!


  1. There is also Open Source Mac.

    Comment by Christopher Allen — 2005/11/18 @ 1:30 am

  2. I assume you’re referring to fink, darwinports and such? The encounters I’ve had with them is that they result (at best) in X11 based applications and while the support is certainly there within OS X, the feel will never be the same as for a fully native application.

    If you were referring to something else, I’d like to hear it. 🙂

    Comment by Erwin — 2005/11/19 @ 1:14 pm

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