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Monday Mornings

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To me they involve:

  • Catching up on 2.5 days of emails from automated jobs and other various bits. So usually a few hundred. A lot of those I can 2-3 per second, so they don’t take that long, as long as none of them look unusual. The ones from actual humans take up much more time.
  • Wading through a backlog of newsfeeds, typically also a few hundred, although half of those can easily be ignored/discarded, thankfully.
  • Finding the kitchen counter, often.
  • Gathering, sorting and otherwise having some fun with laundry. We had a sick kid yesterday, so extra fun this morning.
  • A bit more coffee (or at least caffeine) than usual.
  • Trying to remember and summarise what I did last week, for work. Usually it has been blurred by the weekend.

And you?

Where have you been?

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World66.com Map
visited 13 states (25%)
create your own personalized map of the USA

I landed in Atlanta in ’99 for my first visit to the US, visited some people in that area and let’s not forget I also flew to Chicago and saw some of Michigan. 😉 I’ve seen a bit more of Michigan since then, as well as the states between it and Kansas, partially visiting and partially roadtripping through them.

M has family on the east and west-coast so no doubt I’ll see more of that in the future. Definitely want to visit Hawaii and Alaska at some point.

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