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Close, but no cigar (2)

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I’m listening to music with iTunes and GrowlTunes keeps me informed when a new track has started what track, artist and album it is, and digs up cover-art while it’s at it. Just now yet another random track started and it happened to be Bow Wow Wow, a one-hit-wonder (to me anyway) that created the evergreen I Want Candy. 😉

Oh, and all relatively pale people, so to speak.

Much to my surprise however I see a very different face appear at the bottom of my screen when GrowlTunes kicks in, nothing at all what you’d expect. So I stare for a few moments, then begin to chuckle when I realise who that actually is: (Lil) Bow Wow. Wrong era, wrong sound, wrong looks, but I can see how GrowlTunes could’ve made this (amusing) mistake. 🙂

Threaded comments

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Test-driving a fancy plugin that enables threaded comments and possibly some other features which I have to check on first. Let me know if you notice anything breaking somehow (preferably with a comment but if that’s what broke, you can drop me an email at blog at spam dot is-here dot com).


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History repeated itself, the Kansas schoolboard effectively approved (un)intelligent design in the classroom:

Revisiting a topic that exposed Kansas to nationwide ridicule six years ago, the state Board of Education approved science standards for public schools Tuesday that cast doubt on the theory of evolution.


The new standards will be used to develop student tests measuring how well schools teach science. Decisions about what is taught in classrooms will remain with 300 local school boards, but some educators fear pressure will increase in some communities to teach less about evolution or more about creationism or intelligent design.

I’m fairly comfortable living where I am, but crap like this really makes me wonder if we should up and move about 30-40 miles east, into Missouri, where a lot of other things may be equally wrong but at least they get this right! In fact, if we pick the right town M could end up having a shorter commute, I don’t care where I live as long as I have a functioning broadband connection, it would only be the children that would switch schools. Hrm.

Of course, the problem is we’re all so damn busy that we don’t really have time to look around, M just started a new job for which she needs all the time and energy she can get and we just invested money in a new car so things need to settle down a bit financially before we prepare ourselves for a jump of that magnitude.

So the end result will likely be that we stay where we are and keep an eye on what school feeds them. *crosses fingers*

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