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Grokster has left the building (Ars Technica):

As part of the settlement in a federal lawsuit filed against the peer-to-peer service, the company is going out of the file-sharing business.

Who’s next?

A specific learning disability may be curable (New Scientist):

Neurofibromatosis type I (NF1) is a condition caused by a single gene defect that affects more than 1 in 3000 people. The defect is either inherited or caused by a spontaneous mutation, which can then be inherited.


Neurobiologist Alcino Silva and colleagues at the University of California, Los Angeles, US, tried a commonly prescribed cholesterol-lowering statin drug – called lovastatin – on adult mice with the NF1 mutation. In a series of experiments to test their cognitive functions, the team showed that the drug reversed the learning disabilities and brought the cognitive functions of the mice up to normal levels.

My only question right now is… what made them think this drug could have such an effect in the first place?

On an entirely different note, this Thursday RoGue will release their second CD, but you can already see it at CD Baby (looks like I got the first US order, but now the website claims that it’s currently out of stock, heh) and listen to samples (2 minutes each). Go on, have a listen!

To anyone who wonders how I know RoGue in the first place: One of the sisters was at one point an active player on IgorMUD and while she isn’t around all that much anymore, we’ve kept in touch. 🙂

Update: I was just informed that I was #2 in the US, actually. Still cool, though!

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