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The following story (www.sysinternals.com) appears to be making the rounds:

Last week when I was testing the latest version of RootkitRevealer (RKR) I ran a scan on one of my systems and was shocked to see evidence of a rootkit.


Googled the company name and came across this article, confirming the fact that they have deals with several record companies, including Sony, to implement Digital Rights Management (DRM) software for CDs.


At that point I knew conclusively that the rootkit and its associated files were related to the First 4 Internet DRM software Sony ships on its CDs.

Be careful what you listen to out there, will you?

The Verizon and SBC purchases got cleared (Ars Technica) by the FCC:

After an intense series of negotiations, the FCC voted to approve Verizon’s purchase of MCI and SBC’s purchase of AT&T for US$8.6 and US$16 billion respectively.


Statements by Whitaker (chief executive of SBC) in a recent interview indicate that the telecommunications giant intends to try and charge Voice over IP (VOIP) companies additional fees for using “their pipes.”

Yeah, the world needs more huge unstoppable companies. Really. Aside from a minor hiccup (that in retrospect was not Vonage‘s fault) I’ve been quite happy to have switched away from being an SBC customer (we had them for both DSL and voice), although I’m also wondering how much longer we will be able to use VoIP without interference from our cable company. I guess it helps that they don’t seem to have a VoIP offering yet themselves!

Something seemed to be brewing over at OpenOffice.org, having seen the announcement about a Cocoa port of OOo and then mostly a lot of silence. Here’s DrunkenBatman with more details…

NeoOffice/J exists outside of OpenOffice.org — it isn’t counted among their projects, but it is entirely dependent upon it, sharing 98-99% of its code base with the Mac OS X x11 port of OpenOffice. Because of this, it was always going to lag behind the x11 port a bit, and all the others on other platforms.


They’re already strapped, but they were building some momentum. And then in a presentation at OOoCon, OOo announced that they were going to be dumping x11 and doing their own native, Cocoa-fied version of OpenOffice for the Mac, and NeoOffice was back to square one.


However, the real problem is that Sun — and OpenOffice.org — burned through their karma long ago when it comes to a native OS X port, having several ‘announcements’ bandied about that turned out to be vaporware, and haven’t come close to saying why this time would be different.

There are a lot more interesting details in the article, well worth the read. Now to see what the next step is going to be…

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