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Time of the season

Filed under: Family,Humo(u)r,Software — Erwin @ 3:52 pm

The Zombies - Greatest Hits Oh my, I do believe this year was one of the few times I was taken by surprise about last night’s change from summertime to standard time (in the US and Europe anyway). On the plus side, we got a relatively early start without realising it.

This could also explain why the backup software (called Bacula) kicked in twice last night, at 1:05 AM, assuming time officially goes back from 2AM to 1AM, unlike the 3AM to 2AM that I’m used to. Easy fix, I’ve rescheduled to run at 3:05AM from now on, that should avoid this kind of problem in the future. *crosses fingers*

Yesterday we did the last lawnmowing of the season, including gathering the leaves and all that fun, for half the yard. The plan is to do the other half this afternoon but I’m now wondering if we won’t get to as I just now heard some thunder and saw one or two lightning flashes! Not that we’d be bored, there’s always enough to do elsewhere. 🙂

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