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New place, same face

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This is the first post from a new host and a new URL. The old URl with the port-number could not be migrated smoothly, so the decision to simplify life a bit was quickly made.

It’ll be a while before you, the reader, will actually see this posting, as DNS still points in the wrong direction. I hope to fix that within a day or so.

Linkage (23)

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Words cannot describe this one… just have a look (Hedonistica). 🙂

Breaking records… in the Netherlands:

Today, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) index set a world record for data transfer speeds over an Internet exchange by achieving throughput of 100 Gigabits per second.

NASA is eavesdropping (New Scientist):

With half a century’s experience of listening to feeble radio signals from space, NASA is helping US security services squeeze super-weak bugging data from Earth-bound buildings. <…> So the new “through-the-wall audio surveillance system” uses a powerful beam of very high frequency radio waves instead of light. Radio can penetrate walls – if they didn’t, portable radios wouldn’t work inside a house.

Kevin Rose says he’s been using IM for 14 years:

It dawned on me a couple hrs ago that I’ve been using instant messaging for close to 14 yrs now – and aside from video conferencing and file transfer, not much has changed.

However 14 years would put the starting point in… 1991. Mirabilis, the creators of ICQ, was founded in 1996, 5 years later. AOL’s AIM was released in 1997. So either his memory is horribly failing him, or he’s including things like talk(1), which I wouldn’t consider in the same category as IM, unless your most important distinguishing point is that you’re talking realtime with a person and not delayed as with email.

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