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How crazy is this going to get (Ars Technica):

Disney thinks it has found a solution to the problem of leaked movies: additional encryption on the DVDs. Beginning this year, the studio will use copy protection technology from Cinea, a unit of Dolby Laboratories in order to stem the trickle of leaks. Cinea’s solution uses the combination of the S-View DVD player (that’s right—screeners will be getting new DVD players in the mail) and an additional layer of encryption which includes a code unique to each screener.

And what’s stopping someone from hooking the video/audio out into a TV capture card? Not much, unless this DVD player has its own display, but I can’t imagine screeners accepting the typical small screen size that that would give them.

Record breaking weather (New Scientist):

Hurricane Wilma was fast approaching Florida on Monday, after a weekend of pounding Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and lashing Cuba with rain. The weekend also saw the hurricane season’s record-breaking 22nd tropical storm, named Alpha, form near the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. <…> Alpha marks the first time the NHC has exceeded the 21 names it allocates each year for tropical storms in the North Atlantic. Any additional tropical storms will be named after further letters from the Greek alphabet. Wilma was this year’s 12th hurricane, tying the record set in 1969. Five weeks remain in the hurricane season.

How many years of unusual amounts of extreme weather like this will be needed to convince the people (and more importantly the politicians) that global warming could indeed be affecting the earth’s climate?

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