East of the Sun, West of the Moon



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I’d really like it if people would take the few minutes it would take to write an announcement when they switch software that causes their (RSS/Atom) newsfeeds to change location, or to be removed entirely. Even leaving behind a dummy atom.xml or rss.xml with some heads-up entry in it would suffice, anything that prevents readers like me wondering 2-3 weeks later what the hell happened, browse to the original website, only to find that life continued without me. Hrmpf.


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I’ve been subscribed to the Coverville podcast ever since I heard about it. It’s a reliably entertaining, often amusing, and generally well put together podcast/show that I’d recommend to anyone who wants to try out some podcasts.

Yesterday I listened to episode 139 and the first track had me laughing so loud I was close to tears. You probably need to know the original to really appreciate the contrast with the original but it’s a good sound track either way that fortunately can be downloaded legally from the creator’s website.


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