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Ars Technica reports that the EFF has cracked the code:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the nonprofit organization formed in 1990 by Lotus founder Mitch Kapor to champion users’ privacy and information rights in the digital world, has cracked an undocumented set of codes used by all Xerox DocuColor laser printers.”
The top and left rows are used as parity bits, for error correction. The remaining dots in the grid are used to convey information about the document and its source, including printer model, printer configuration, printer serial number, and the date and time the page was printed.

I recently put several (noisy) feeds on probation, as 43folders calls it:

I actually had a folder called “Sequester” where I’d throw any feed that was starting to get on my nerves (too many [kitty photos | jokey memes | posts about the salvation promised by Longhorn/Vista]). In NetNewsWire (and probably others) you can set a custom refresh time for a feed or its parent folder (cf.) to, in this instance, ensure you get a nice break from the bothersome content.

So, for example, you could say to check your “Sequester” folder just every 72 hours. When the updates pop up, you can decide whether your ardor has truly cooled enough to unsubscribe (at which point, if you’re like me, you move the feed to “Deleted” with “Don’t Refresh this Feed” selected).

I toss such feeds directly into a Disabled folder which has a no-refresh setting as described for the Deleted folder. That way I can find them again without having to check online what the RSS/Atom feed was, but they don’t bother me otherwise. Of course it does distort the picture somewhat to state that I have 173 feeds in NetNewsWire, but only about 30 are disabled so there are still quite a few feeds.

I’ll leave it at that today. Apologies for the silence, again, but it’s been rather busy lately in several ways and the blog was one of the victims, so to speak. 🙂

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