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Looks like the big Mac fish just got swallowed by the bigger fish:

Now, you can get your content on the premier desktop RSS reader for Mac OS X – announcing NewsGator’s acquisition of NetNewsWire.

Congratulations, Brent, may this be a change for the better for everyone involved. 🙂

Update: This is the actual press release.

Linkage (20)

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Is Finland really part of the rest of the world? Sometimes I wonder. Then a site like this comes along and I wonder some more. Cool to see though and have to admit I can imagine seeing people dressed like that in, for instance, Amsterdam just as easily. (link from Northernlake)

Do you like podcasts? Do you like NPR? Cool, then here’s a nice big directory of NPR podcasts! I have been subscribed to The World for some time and have now added some short news/music sections now.

The Australians correctly realise that any sort of whitelist is a bad idea (Guardian Unlimited) for security (link from Bruce Schneier):

The Duke of York was involved in a wrangle with security guards after he refused to be screened at Melbourne airport.

Prince Andrew was prevented from boarding a flight to New Zealand last week and during a tense stand-off, officials explained that no one was exempt from Australia’s airport security procedures.

No offense to the prince but what makes him think that he is immune to, for instance, being blackmailed or otherwise convinced to do something stupid?

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