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Friday entertainment (4)

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Better late than not at all?

Firefly - The Complete SeriesLast Friday we saw Serenity in the theatre, the movie based on the Firefly TV-series.

It probably helped that we’ve watched and enjoyed the series, but given that, the movie was entertaining from start to finish!

Beforehand I had been wondering if Ron Glass was going to make an appearance, because I’d seen a cast picture at GenCon without him in it, but thankfully he was there along with everybody else (yes, I probably could’ve found that out online but…).

Thanks to MythTV we got to see two more episodes from the TV-series after we came home, so it was an entirely Serenity/Firefly oriented evening. No points for guessing that we’ll buy this one on DVD once it comes out! 😉

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  1. Never saw the tv series, but I agree that it was entertaining from beginning to end! You guys have good taste in movies 🙂

    Comment by Erika — 2005/10/19 @ 3:46 pm

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