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How could I not have noticed? Anyway, the links to the archives from the calendar and the month-based overview that were pointing to /archives/date/ type locations now work; all that was needed was to generate a new .htaccess file.

Those Crazy Dutch

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Dutch Witches May Deduct Training Costs Against Tax, Court Says (Bloomberg):

The court, in the city of Leeuwaarden, confirmed a ruling by tax authorities that a woman’s costs related to her 366-day course to become a certified witch are tax deductible, according to the Web site of the court, which made its ruling on Sept. 26.

Charming. There is no city of Leeuwaarden in the Netherlands by the way, that should be Leeuwarden. I should know, I grew up in that area. 🙂

I heard the following on the (Dutch) radio, was waiting to see if I would find it in an English language article, and here we go (The Brussels Journal):

The Netherlands and Belgium were the first countries to give full marriage rights to homosexuals. In the United States some politicians propose “civil unions” that give homosexual couples the full benefits and responsibilities of marriage. These civil unions differ from marriage only in name.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands polygamy has been legalised in all but name. Last Friday the first civil union of three partners was registered. Victor de Bruijn (46) from Roosendaal “married” both Bianca (31) and Mirjam (35) in a ceremony before a notary who duly registered their civil union.

If that makes them happy and nobody else gets hurt in the process, good luck to them.

Aaaah, coffee!

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It was time for something new:

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