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New software

Filed under: OS X,Software — Erwin @ 10:19 pm

Well, new to me anyway.

  • GrowlTunes – I’m using this as a partial replacement of SizzlingKeys which I only use for the global shortcuts, still. I am using the Music Video display format, which works out very nicely, plus I already have Growl installed for Adium anyway, so it was a minor addition.
  • iEatBrainz – Software that creates an accoustic fingerprint of your tracks, compares it with a database, and tells you what it thinks it is. Not surprisingly it does better on mainstream English language music than on, say, Dutch language tracks. 😉

    What I don’t like about it, so far, is that you can either apply the data, or not, there’s no way to tell it to only adjust the artist and track, for instance. I suppose this would be where the programmer tells me to submit a patch, but… too many projects already, man.

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