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Random iTunes Observations

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Suppose that:

  1. iTunes is busy Determining Song Volumes on a couple of tracks.
  2. While editing a Smart Playlist and click on one of the pull-down menus (like the one containing Album, Artist, BPM, etc) or the one right next to it that typically contains things like is, is not, contains, etc, the network traffic (which was high because of the abovementioned process) drops consistently and returns to its previous high when I exit the pull-down menu.
  3. Further random testing reveals the same thing happens if I click on the Source pull-down for the Party Shuffle, on any of the iTunes menus, or any pull-down in the iTunes Preferences.

iTunes doesn’t seem to understand this whole multi-tasking concept.

Irritating bug of the day:

  1. You’re editing the meta-info on a bunch of tracks, in particular the Remember Playback Position and Skip when shuffling
  2. You use the Previous / Next buttons to manoeuvre to other tracks
  3. You run into one that no longer exists on the actual harddisk which causes iTunes to disable those two buttons
  4. When you then move on to a previous or next track that does still exist, those buttons remain disabled! You have to exit the info editor window and start a new one to fix that.

You would think that iTunes could use some competition, to encourage the programmers into paying better attention to relatively trivial stuff like this?

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