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Free at last!

Filed under: News,Software — Erwin @ 5:52 pm

It looks like Opera will be permanently free of ad-banners from now on:

Opera has removed the banners, found within our browser, and the licensing fee. Opera’s growth, due to tremendous worldwide customer support, has made today’s milestone an achievable goal. Premium support is available.

Cool! As said before it’s not my primary browser anymore but I’ve paid for more than one licence in the past (two platforms and more than one major version) and would do so again in a heartbeat if it was my primary browser.

Best of luck to them, I hope to see many improvements and added features in the future.

Sounds good!

Filed under: OS X,Software — Erwin @ 4:11 pm

Last week I bought a USB headset, the Plantronics DSP 500 to be exact, so I could test Skype on the Mac Mini which, annoyingly enough, does not have any way to hook up a regular microphone, let alone a regular headset, of which I probably have half a dozen lying around.

Anyway… the headset works fine, as does Skype, but I was still a bit annoyed at having to go through the System Preferences to change which device would be used for audio output.

Coming to the rescue is… Rogue Amoeba Software with a small (free) menubar application called SoundSource that does exactly what I was looking for. Yay!

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