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A change of pace

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Starting last Thursday M has a different job in a different location, but within the same company. A move up, mind you. We’re 99% sure she’ll get to keep the job but officially it’s an interim position, so there’s always a chance someone else might respond to the (company-internal) job-opening.

For now, however, it means a few changes:

  • The alarm goes off at 6:00 AM, 30-45 minutes earlier than before.
  • She drives to work at 7:15 AM, because it’s a 30-35 minute drive to get to this new location, where it was less than 5 before.
  • This means the boys can’t get a free ride to school, so they’re back to walking or riding a bike. Nothing horrible as we live fairly close to school, even walking takes 15 minutes at the most, but with fall arriving soon, the weather may not be so nice for much longer.
  • While it’s a longer drive to work, the store hours are slightly different; it closes at 4:30 PM on most days, so she’ll be able to get home roughly around the same time as she did at her previous location, quite often even earlier due to the different job.
  • Assuming M ends up keeping the job, we’ll likely want to go car-shopping and get her a smaller, more fuel-efficient at that, car to drive to work, while keeping the minivan around for short trips around town or ones that require more room.

On an entirely unrelated note, have I mentioned yet how much I dislike NFS? Well, I do. I seem to have hit a bad spot recently between OS X 10.3.9, Linux 2.6.x, and iTunes 5.0, where it just won’t perform under certain circumstances that I can’t pinpoint nor fix sufficiently. The non-performance being that it stalls, which is great fun (not). The problem is that my collection is big enough that I can’t just say “Oh well, I’ll just store it locally” either, so I’ve been rather irritated for the past week.

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