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Snail mail

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It looks like the Domain Registry of America is back to its old tricks, but in a new form. A refresher on the old tricks:

  • Domain Registry of America DROA renewal scam (DomainAvenue)

    We have discovered that a company called, “Domain Registry of America”, has been emailing our customers with deceptive messages about domain transfers. The goal of the e-mails is to trick our customers into transfering their domain names away from DomainAvenue.com. The e-mails falsely claim to be a response to a transfer request made by our customers.

  • Court bars Canadian domain slammer (The Register)

    On December 23, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requested that a federal district court instruct an Internet domain name reseller from making misrepresentations in the marketing of its domain name registration services. Domain Registry of America (DROA) told consumers that their domain registrations were expiring, leading many consumers to switch their domain name registrar.

  • Domain Registry of America “renewal” notices (EasyDNS)

This time no email, and not from Canada, but snail-mail, and a return-address from Buffalo, New York state, about 100 miles away from the original company. Their 800 number hasn’t even changed, actually (the scan in the last webpage lists it, and that’s from 3 years ago). Hmm, actually a year ago they were operating from a London (UK) address, apparently they get around, or to put it less politely, they’re trying to escape previous judgements, perhaps?

I’m familiar enough with the whole domainname system that I won’t fall for it but I wonder how many will, this time.


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A lovely parody featured in The Onion that I would qualify as a must-read. 🙂

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