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iTunes 5.0

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Bah. Bah. Bah.

I had wondered why no podcasts were being selected from the smartlist that I specifically created to pick both (unplayed) podcasts and random music from the rest of the library. Turns out this is by design and all podcasts start out marked not to be played in Party Shuffle:

… You then have to select a single podcast and get info on it. In the options turn off “Skip when shuffling”. You then have to repeat for each other podcast.

Of course having to go in and mark each podcast entry defeats the whole point of having these things being fetched on autopilot and iTunes provides no way to indicate that certain podcasts should not have that flag on by default.

Time to start leaving some suggestions for Apple to ponder:

  • Make Skip when shuffling (and Remember playback position while you’re at it) available when editing multiple tracks at once.
  • Use a saner Previous/Next order when editing track info in the Podcasts collection.
  • Allow me to change the default per podcast (as opposed to needing to adjust individual podcast tracks).
  • Provide a way to deselect tracks that are marked Skip when shuffling in the smart lists, otherwise there’s a good possibility that when you select 25 podcast tracks randomly you end up with the wrong 25 even if there are tracks available that the Party Shuffle would play.

Time for lunchwork!

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