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Run this by me again? (Expatica):

Women who smoke during pregnancy have a higher chance of having a lesbian daughter, neurobiologist and brain researcher Dick Swaab has claimed. <…> The development of an unborn child can be influenced by external substances such as nicotine and amphetamines and the chemicals in diet pills.

This guy has clashed with the Gay/Lesbian movement in the Netherlands before (in the late 80s) and no doubt will again over this new research.

Yesterday the first NerdTV (PBS) episode was made available, but here’s something I didn’t know yet (ArsTechnica):

“Bob Cringely” was a pseudonym that Infoworld invented for one of their technology columns. Multiple authors have posted on Infoworld under that name over the years, but one man in particular, Mark Stevens (who posted from 1987-1995) was so popular that when he left the company he successfully sued Infoworld for the right to use the name Robert X. Cringely everywhere in his professional life. (Infoworld still uses the name today for other authors, and does so with the addition of a registered trademark symbol, but as far as the rest of the world is concerned Mark Stevens is Bob Cringely.)

Ever thought about using your backpack (ZDNet) to charge your cellphone?

A backpack that converts a plodding gait into electricity could soon be charging up mobile phones, navigation devices and even portable disc players, U.S.-based researchers said Thursday.

Their backpack design converts mechanical energy from the up-and-down movement of the backpack’s cargo to electricity during normal walking.

The first Firefox 1.5 beta is available for download (Mozilla.org) now. I haven’t fetched it yet, let alone tried it, but here are the release notes. Some interesting bits in there, certainly.

Time for more coffee and work to get done.

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