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Arnold is a bit of a spoil-sport (BBC News) these days.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed he will veto a bill endorsing gay marriages.

State legislators voted on Tuesday to allow same-sex marriage in California, but the governor said the decision flew in the face of public opinion.

Privacy? What privacy (BBC News)?

EU plans to make telecommunications companies store details of calls and e-mail traffic for a year or more were criticised by the industry on Thursday.

European interior ministers meeting in Newcastle heard that the measure would be hugely expensive and would violate EU data protection laws.

I’m curious what Vint Cerf is going to do at Google (CNet):

Google announced on Thursday that it hired Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, as the search giant seeks to build a network foundation for its future Internet applications.

Cerf, who co-designed TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), will help Google develop architectures, systems and standards for next-generation applications, the company said.

Looking forward to taking the new Firefox (1.5) for a spin, sometime soon (InformationWeek):

The Mozilla Foundation Thursday posted previews of the upcoming Firefox 1.5 beta, and said that the real deal would be available for download Thursday night or Friday morning.

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