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iTunes 5.0

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The interface look’n’feel changes I can take or leave, although I have no doubt that after a while they’ll grow on me and then seeing the 4.9 and older versions will just seem strange and outdated.

Parental Controls… I don’t see the point in that for just music, plus I’m the only one that uses iTunes, or this computer, so it’s either locked or I’m at it. Simple. It might make more sense for a shared family-computer where you want to lock away certain music tracks or podcasts with language or content not suitable for, for instance, your local 10 year old.

The added Smart Shuffle setting, a slider that goes from more likely via random to less likely seems about as useful (i.e: not) as the Play higher rated songs more often checkbox. There is no indication what terms like more likely and friends actually mean, so while I do (usually) want to avoid having tracks from the same artist in sequence, I don’t know how setting it to less likely will change the behaviour of the Party Shuffle.

The good parts, for me:

  • Support has been added for folders of playlists and/or smartlists. That immediately allows me to sanely organise my lists. Yay!
  • There is now a Podcast is (true|false) mechanism for smart-lists. I haven’t quite figured how to make good use of it, but it looks promising, at least. I hope to use it to automate mixing the occasional podcast inbetween the non-podcast tracks that I listen to, without having to go into the Podcast folder, pick-and-choose some podcasts, and select Add to Party Shuffle in the context menu.

Mistakes that I hope they’ll fix in 5.1:

  • You can create folders that have names identical to a smartlist or playlists, but then in the pulldown menus, the folders and other lists are shown all together (no hierarchy visible) and you can’t tell them apart.

Enough for now. Off to see what others have written about it.

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