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WordPress 1.5.2

Filed under: Site — Erwin @ 4:37 am

Slightly overdue, I’ve upgraded the site from 1.5 to 1.5.2. The biggest trouble was that I would prefer to just apply a diff, and WordPress don’t provide that, they only provide a *.tar.gz or *.zip and I couldn’t find a tar-file of the 1.5.0 that I had installed with most recently, so I had to unpack the new one, diff with the current, then wade through the 600kB diff file, remove what appeared irrelevant, and then apply the resulting slightly smaller diff.

This should fix several bugs, add some security fixes, and a few improvements that only the site-admin can see, I think. So I hope it all works still (it looks ok to me so far) and if not, surely someone would find a way to alert me through a comment or through email. 🙂

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