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Top 500

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Feedster presents a Top 500 Blogs, by somehow counting how many links point to each of them. Out of this lot I (on first glance) read:

Allergic? (4)

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Bah. M picked up a packet of Hot Tamales when we rented that movie last night, and I had several of them as well. But towards the end of the evening and more so in the morning I found that they had the same effect as the chewing gum had half a year ago.

What stands out in the ingredient lists is that they both use artificial flavouring and both are cinnamon flavoured. So my guess for the time being is that whatever it is that these companies use for cinnamon flavouring does not work very well with me. As I’m pretty sure I’ve had them before, I’m wondering if the “more kick—more intense cinnamon flavor has been added” part is to blame for that.

Friday entertainment (3)

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For our not-so-regular escape out of this world we went to see The 40 Year Old Virgin this evening, with Steve Carrell. Good entertainment with perhaps a few hmm, okay kind of moments and a highly amusing (to us anyway) ending.

Afterwards we rented High Fidelity with John Cusack and a few other familiar faces. A completely different style but with good acting that kept our attention from to beginning to the end.

I hope your Friday was as enjoyable as ours. 🙂

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