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Erwin is…

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As seen elsewhere some time ago (I don’t usually care for memes much but this one I found amusing enough to try, eventually), go to Google, type in (including quotes) “<name> is” and pick out your first 10 responses:

  1. ERwin Data Modeler is a transactional and data warehouse database design tool.
  2. Erwin is co-leader in the the Seeds of Peace project for this year…
  3. One way I use the reporting facility in ERwin is to communicate database designs…
  4. And that is why Erwin is here. He is a bird expert with joint appointments with U.Va.
  5. Erwin is so allergic to the cellulose in fruits and vegetables he could die from …
  6. erWin is the Electronic Repairs and Workshop Information Service from AUDI …
  7. Erwin is slightly deconstructed…
  8. Gradually we learn that Erwin is a traveling salesman of sorts.
  9. Erwin is a Certified Fraud Examiner
  10. Erwin is a town in Harnett County, in the Dunn metro area.

Seeing the software packages in the results certainly amused me. 🙂

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