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That’s the sound of gas-prices going through the roof.

A few months ago it was 2 dollars and some spare change, per gallon. A week ago we were in the $2.50-2.60 region. Two nights ago it had shot up to $2.89, and this morning M got gas at $3.09 per gallon.

Ouch. Regardless of whether this is still cheap compared to the east or west coast states, or Europe at that, it’s a very big jump.

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I hadn’t commented on it when I first read about it, but this twist (ZDNet UK) certainly got a chuckle out of me:

Apple has dropped a 30-day trial offer for its Mac mini after less than 12 hours.

The promotion — “Mac mini Test Drive” — offered a 30-day money back guarantee, and was only available through Apple’s online store. It was launched on Wednesday in the US, but by Thursday morning UK time Apple’s site no longer showed the promotion.

If we didn’t already own two Minis, I would’ve been tempted too, yeah.

Totally unrelated, more comic relief (Contactmusic.com):

Filming on the new series of LOST had to be halted last week (ends26AUG05) when two naked fans swam onto the beach set and begged for jobs.

The two opportunists were allowed to watch the rest of the filming as long as they kept their bits covered. They left with cast autographs and promised never to return to the remote location or disclose how they got there.

This is frustrating (DailyKOS) to say the least:

US won’t let Canada help Katrina victims

Sounds great! Except for one problem — this team wasn’t allowed to fly into the US, blocked by Homeland Security from entering.

And finally some … let’s call it sarcasm (Corrente.blogspot.com):

As the residents of New Orleans reeled from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, governments around the globe, moved by their plight, rushed to provide relief assistance. Many of these nations themselves had recently experienced great suffering and remembered the US government’s acts of kindness towards them.

“At first we were going to give a container ship of disposable sunglasses, but then we were reminded how Bush wound up digging really deep to help us. So we’re sending flip-flops instead.”

Oh go on, read the entire thing already.

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