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Lend a helping hand

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Even if it’s indirectly (Red Cross), I’m sure any and all help will be appreciated right now.

Their website seems a bit overwhelmed at the moment, so give it a few minutes if you can’t get through rightaway.

Updated to add these links:

Congratulations, Opera!

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Happy 10th anniversary to you Opera, and thank you for the free registration codes! (Free registration codes are available until midnight CET (GMT +1) on Wednesday 31st of August.)

For several years (about 4 to 5, I think) I was a happy Opera user but when I couldn’t use it for work (I needed the jar:* support in Firefox/Netscape/Mozilla) I eventually switched as juggling multiple browsers around is a pain in the long run.

However, running Opera last night and again this morning, I’m reminded of several of its strong points:

  • Low memory footprint (particularly useful on the 96MB/300MHz Pentium laptop).
  • Built-in support for:
    • Mouse-gestures
    • Customizing tab-order
    • Session saving
  • Better support for resizing, it resizes images as well, not just fonts like Firefox.
  • The fact that I can place the tab-bar on the left (or right), not just the top or bottom of the window.

When are you going to add XUL/jar support, Opera? 😉

Update: I can’t believe I never noticed the typo in the title (congralations instead of congratulations). Now fixed.


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For some reason I thought this particular Raid spray wasn’t going to smell too bad. I’d prefer truth in advertising and have them just say that it stinks so you’ll leave the room for a while, because I’m certainly not enjoying this natural clove scent. Ugh.

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