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MySQL Administrator

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So far it seems like a useful tool, this administrator GUI (MySQL.com), but time will tell if I’ll continue to use it.

Initially I installed the Linux version on a few remote sites, but using X11 forwarding gets a bit annoying (read: it’s slow and eats bandwidth) after a while. So instead, I’m now using the OS X version and am merely forwarding the connections to the relevant port 3306, like this:

ssh -f -L 3309:localhost:3306 root@some.remote.host 'while true; do sleep 86400; done'

With different ports instead of 3309 for the differente remote hosts. The downside is that the GUI thinks that the server resides locally and claims that it’s down/stopped when at the same time you can go to the Health tab and check connection/memory usage.

You would think that at MySQL they’ve never considered that a DBA might be working remotely and need ways to get through the company firewall. 🙂

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